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Miami Seaquarium

Come see Flipper! Okay, so the original tv dolphin has moved on the great big mammal tank in the sky (yes, dolphins are mammals -- not fish). That hasn't stopped the park from staging its popular Flipper show that made this beachfront marine life park famous. There are actually two dolphin shows that take place daily at the seaquarium. One features high-flying dolphins -- with viewing areas around the stage as well as under the water through glass. The other, and more popular one, has Flipper and his pals performing tricks and even heaving beach balls into the stands for guests to lob back.

You also have a sea otter show, a shark-feeding demonstration and the biggest show of all -- the killer whale show. Yes, this is the one where the first few rows will be doused with splashing water as Lolita leaps out of the ocean water and lands back in with a wave of a thud.

Beyond the shows you have various areas to explore on your own. From a rainforest exhibit to playground with water play elements to a newly refurbished manatee tank you will find plenty to do at this longstanding attraction on the scenic coast between Miami and Key Biscayne.

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