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Fontainebleau Hotel

Perhaps Miami Beach's biggest movie star is this institution that has served as the Hollywood backdrop of everything from Jerry Lewis' The Bellhop to Scarface to American Idol singer auditions. Yet in 2005 the hotel also was sold to new owners who decided to strip the hotel from the Hilton family -- yes, this is no longer the Fontainebleau Hilton -- and run it as an independent.

Thanks to its stellar beachfront location (Miami Beach's beach quality is just simply superb here in the mid-beach area) it's hard to beat the location if you are looking to enjoy the beach more than the South Beach nightlife, 2 miles South. You also have Cookie's World -- an elaborate waterpark complete with a small, winding lazy river and one of the longest water slides anywhere in South Florida.

No, it's not Fountainblue -- it's Fontainebleau because the name is French. Recent construction has built an accompanying hotel-condo tower so you can be sure the lavish amenities (including one of the area's largest hotel swimming pools) will be maintained well. And, yes, this is Fontainebleau, not Fountain Blue or FontaineBlue. Book Fontainebleau Hotel online

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